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J.J. Pfister Tasting Room Now Open in Sacramento

Our tasting room is fully open and we now have gin and vodka to serve you.  Coming this year will be rum and a very unique honey based spirit called drakas.

This gorgeous and inviting space is a great location to host an event of any kind, from parties to corporate events and more. With a grand opening scheduled for July, our tasting room is one of the most exciting features of our distillery. Learn more about J.J. Pfister and our tasting room, and discover everything we can offer you.

A Taste of Our Distillery

We put our heart and soul into every product that we make, and our high-tech distillery makes it easy to show off the quality we strive for. First, we mill and heat our grains in a mash tun that separates the starches out and puts them into water. Then, they are broken down even further into sugars. The next step is placing the sugars into our fermenters, where the sugars are turned into alcohol. After distillation, we can craft delicious vodkas, whiskeys, spirits and more. Whiskeys in particular are left in our barrels to age properly in the beautiful Sacramento climate.

You can always trust our products to be the quality you deserve thanks to our master distiller, Brian Keck. With a master’s degree in viticulture and enology and two degrees in chemistry, we’re confident in saying that the title “Master Distiller” isn’t an exaggeration. Combine that education with his extensive experience and passion for quality, and you’ll find our spirits are infused with unique flavors that you’ll love.


Putting the ingredients together is a science of its own, but we have to source the ingredients as well. Rather than buying them from somewhere else, we grow our own crops to ensure the organic taste you deserve. We grow a wide variety of crops used in our distillery including wheat; rye; barley; and russet, gold and red potatoes. We’re even growing corn this year, and yes, it’s all organic. This is all done in the beautiful Klamath Basin area where our organic practices help the land, wildlife and farmers alike to flourish.

Klamath Basin Preservation

When you visit our tasting room in Sacramento, you can be happy knowing you’re helping the wildlife in the Klamath Basin. We don’t just use the area to grow our crops. We want to help preserve this beautiful landscape and the wildlife that call it home. That’s why we donate a portion of all our sales to preserving this area, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the Klamath Wildlife Area and the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge.


When farming our crops in the Klamath Basin, we’ve adopted an approach that benefits all things in the area, including the wildlife. The area suffers from water shortages, so we flood the land and keep the water there for two years, making a perfect habitat for local waterfowl. After two years, we drain the land and prepare it for cultivation. Not only does this help the wildlife, but it keeps our crops free of pests. We rotate areas of the land that are flooded, so we always have a place to grow, and the wildlife always has a place to live. At the end of the season, we even leave a quarter of our grains on the ground for the wildlife to enjoy.

Inside Our Tasting Room

In our tasting room, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere designed for company and drinks. Be sure to try our organic potato vodka that’s crafted with unrelenting dedication and is smoother than you would think. With our organic practices, the difference in taste from a standard vodka is something you’ll notice immediately. You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail or whatever else you want. After all, the room is yours to enjoy.


While you’re in our tasting room, take time to explore our museum area. The history of our company stretches back over 170 years, when J.J. Pfister was born in Switzerland. You’ll find entries and relics of the past all across our museum, including historical catalogues and swimming suits from the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition. Our love for the Klamath Basin is also evident here, as our museum contains all kinds of insightful and interesting information.


When you’re looking for a tasting room in Sacramento, there’s no better option than the tasting room at J.J. Pfister. With our grand opening coming this July, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place for your next party, team building exercise, corporate get together or any other kind of event where you can mix a fun atmosphere with smooth organic spirits. Contact us today to learn how you can reserve space in our tasting room.

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