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Gin Is Here!!

Our gin is now available in the tasting room. We are so excited!  We are featuring it at both the Farm To Fork Festival 2018 and the Barrel District, October 6th.

We call our gin Capitol Gin to honor our state heritage and the 9 botanicals honor our statehood birthday of September 9, 1850.

We are using 9 botanicals with a London Dry profile.  That means we started with vodka, this time rye based.  We made vodka tea, if you will, by placing potential botanicals in jars and letting them steep.  We then took the most interesting and made  individualy infused spirit for each using our 5 gallon test still. Come and check that out.  Then we blended the 9 flavors and came up with a winning recipe. That recipe went into the gin basket that we can show you on the tour.  Making gin is an art and our distillers are true artists. They have special sensory training where they can pick out the subtleties of the flavors and mouth feel.  The gin is very smooth,  great flavors, and is fantastic in cocktails.  Please come and visit and we will be proud to give you a taste and a cocktail

We will start distribution to Nugget Market, Mollie Stones, Total Wines in Sacramento area, BevMo in Roseville, Rocos, and all our restaurants and bars very soon.

Next to bottle this year will be our rum.  We also have a specialty spirit made from honey coming.  That is called drakas.  Very unique taste.


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