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The Tasting Panel – J.J. Pfister Potato Vodka Receives a High of 95 Points

We had the pleasure of being reviewed by the esteemed Tasting Panel Magazine and were awarded a truly humbling score of 95 points for our Potato Vodka. Read below for what they had to say.

J.J. Pfister Potato Vodka, USA 

Like its gin sibling, this is a step above for the vodka category. Potatoes grown in the Klamath Basin, near the California-Oregon border, are organically grown at Noonan Farms. The grower floods their fields prior to cultivation, providing a habitat for millions of migrating birds every year. J.J. Pfister donates one percent of its profits to aid wildlife here. On the nose, tarragon-spiced lemons and vanilla are delicate and vibrant. The creamy entry offers a bottom layer of licorice with a wave of mocha, black pepper, and toasted marshmallow. The mouthfeel is fluid and lengthy. 95/100

We thank Tasting Panel Magazine for taking the time to review our Potato Vodka.


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