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Opening in April, 2018, the J.J. Pfister distillery utilizes state-of-the-art stills made in Italy. These stills are designed to create spirits according to our exact specifications, including vodkas, whiskeys, bourbons, and brandies.

How it Works

The J.J. Pfister distillery is home to ample barrel storage space which allows our whiskeys to age gently to perfection. The process begins when our grains are milled and heated in our mash tun to pull the starches out into water. Once in the water, organic enzymes break the starches down into simple sugars.

In our fermenters, the sugars are fermented into alcohol to a low alcohol content wash. After fermentation, the wash undergoes the first distillation in our “beer” column, where the alcohol is concentrated and the solids are removed and we are left with low ”wines.” Subsequently, the low “wines” are distilled in our pot still to produce our whiskeys and vodkas. Whiskeys are then laid down in barrels to age in the Sacramento climate.

Botanicals can be added to the pot still’s gin basket to create infused spirits such as gin or infused vodka.

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