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The J.J. Pfister Distillery Company is an independent, family-owned craft distillery in Sacramento, California. Led by Master Distiller, Brian Keck, J.J. Pfister proudly offers a full portfolio of craft spirits – including Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, London Dry Gin, Rye Vodka, American Single Malt Whiskey, Navy Strength Rum, Apple Brandy, and Eau De Vie.

J.J. Pfister strives for consistent quality and excellence in our craft spirits. We focus on creating spirits that are extremely smooth and incredibly clean, offer a full character and flavor profile, and respect the spirit style. The distilling process can be very complex yet we try to keep the goal simple – by being very diligent in our heads and tails cuts, we make spirits that we ourselves love to drink. In our first five years of distilling, we have learned – through an incredible amount of trial and error – that’s it’s nearly impossible to have a good end product – without a good starting point. At J.J. Pfister, we always start from the raw ingredients and then distill on the grain, which we believe adds to the depth of flavor in our spirits. As we move through our process, we look for a flavor profile that is pleasing to the palate with the potential to be universally enjoyed. When we find that rate yet purposeful flavor profile, we focus in on it to enhance it and bring it to life. So whether you want to sip the spirit neat or mix it in your favorite cocktail, you should be able to do so.

We have also learned that making craft spirits is both an art and a science – and we try to find harmony between the two. By leveraging their unique backgrounds in chemistry and microbiology, the J.J. Pfister distilling team uniformly collects and analyzes data, challenges their own process, and continually tests new theories. As a small craft distillery, we are very fortunate to have the ability to put a new idea to the test and blend our scientific approach with the artist that resides in each of our team members. With complete creative control over the product, our distilling team remains steadfast on quality and excellence – while at the same time making incremental improvements – ultimately, producing award-winning spirits that are approachable and enjoyable.

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