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We gift a portion of our proceeds to the Klamath Basin Refuges. Learn More

The Klamath Basin is breathtaking, but its inhabitants are in trouble.  At the J. J. Pfister Distilling Company, we’re dedicated to changing that.  We will donate a portion of our sales to do our part in helping to restore a measurable habitat for its residents – especially the waterfowl.  One entity that’s currently making this possible is the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the Klamath Wildlife Area, and we’re proud to work alongside them to do our best to make a difference.  J.J. Pfister Distilling Company has made a donation to the Oregon Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge for water management and will also be donating to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex to further aid the wildlife of the Pacific Flyway.

It’s also our mission to follow in J.J. Pfister’s philanthropic footsteps by continuing to be active in the Sacramento area.  When it comes to the causes that matter, we’re ready to step up.

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