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In the Klamath Basin, you’ll find Mike Noonan, our grower, watching over and tending to his crop fields.  This is the source of our ingredients for our spirits.  Owing to the high quality of his produce, Mike has been a major supplier of Whole Foods and Sprouts. His agricultural practices focus on sustainability and protection of resources, including the water he works with. He has been invited to grow is 2019 grains and potatoes within the lands of Klamath Basin state wildlife refuge. Mike’s sustainable practices will help the wildlife of the refuge. For example, Mike leaves 25% of the grains grown on the ground so local wildlife can feed in the winter time.

Mike is proud to have been a pioneer in the Walking Wetlands program.  The state and federal refuges in Klamath Basin have suffered from chronic water shortages.  By combining the refuge with organic farming, Mike is able to provide premium land for both the wildlife habitat and agriculture. The land is first flooded, serving as a habitat for the birds and other wildlife of the Pacific Flyway. After two years the land is drained, leaving it pest-free and ready for cultivation. By rotating which land is flooded, both wildlife and farmers are able to live together in harmony.

Mike is active in the Klamath Falls community and is particularly interested in youth-serving activities.

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